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Bring your super together

Australians have more than $20.8 billion savings sitting in lost and unclaimed super accounts* and some of it could be yours. If you've changed jobs, names or addresses, then chances are you have lost or unclaimed super floating around.

Once upon a time, combining your accounts meant filling in countless forms. Today, it's easy to find all your super and bring it together in one account.

Why should I combine my super accounts?

Consolidating your super will help you save on fees, reduce paperwork and centralise your super management.

Better still, your money will work harder when it’s all in one fund.  And the power of compound interest -  the returns you earn on top of the money you save, plus the returns you earn on top of previous returns - will help your super grow faster.

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Simplify your super

Find out exactly how much super you have and monitor it all from a single account.

Control your position

By watching one balance, you will have a greater sense of control over your investment strategy and retirement goals.

Cut out extra fees

One super fund means one set of fees, which could make a significant difference to your savings over time.

Your secret weapon

Compound interest is powerful, especially when time is on your side. Put your super to work and grow your balance faster.

Before combining your super, you should check if you have any insurance cover with your other fund, as you may lose it when you consolidate your accounts.

How can I find my lost super?

We can search for any lost or unclaimed super on your behalf using your Tax File Number (TFN). There's no cost for this helpful service, although you should check with your other fund(s) to see if you lose any benefits such as insurance.

Here's how it works:

  • Log in or register for Member OnlineOpens in new window .
  • Provide your TFN and consent to find lost super. 
  • Click the Consolidate tab and we’ll find all your super accounts and bring them together for you. Easy.

Why is my super lost?

If you've ever changed jobs, been employed in part time or casual positions, relocated without letting your super fund know, it's quite possible you'll have some lost super.

Your old fund/s may have either reported you as a lost member to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or transferred your account to an eligible rollover fund.

*Australian Tax Office (2019), The race is on to find $20.8 billion in super,  available hereOpens in new window .

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