Changing jobs

A new job brings plenty of change, one thing that doesn’t need to change is your super fund

Stay with us when you change jobs

You can stay with VISSF when you change jobs, even if you're no longer working in education. Because, in most cases, you can choose which fund your super is paid into - regardless of who you work for, or your industry.

Why should I take my super to a new job?

Changing jobs is the main reason people end up with multiple super accounts. Some even lose track of their super altogether. This is because, if you don’t provide your super fund details, your contributions are paid into a fund of your employer’s choosing. A new super account will often mean a new set of fees too.

Why should I keep my super with VISSF?

Staying with us means you will continue to benefit from our competitive returns, low fees and receive valuable  support to help you make the most of your super. Explore the many ways we put our members first.


How can I take VISSF with me?

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