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Caring like a small fund, delivering like a big one

As a profit-to-member super fund, we deliver low administration fees, competitive long term performance and maintain a relentless focus on your future. All supported by valuable services and tools to help you confidently track, invest and grow your super.

Low fees

Our low administration fees ensure that every dollar goes where it should - straight into your account.

Long term performer

We take great care to consistently produce competitive long term investment returns for our members.

60+ years

Since 1958, our daily focus has been to help you create, manage and grow your retirement savings.

Positive change

We’re committed to long term, responsible investment practices that benefit you and the world around us.

A super fund for people who work in education

As a profit-to-member super fund, our sights are set on one thing and one thing only – helping you save for a better future.

We think big, act small and pull no punches when it comes to making the hard decisions on your behalf.

Join the super fund the education community loves.

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Spirit & Story

If anything’s worth doing, it’s worth fighting for. Especially if it has the potential to change lives.

Our story

Photo caption: Methodist Ladies’ College Sports Day c1970

Methodist Ladies’ College Sports Day c1970

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