Your financial to do list


Autumn already? While you’re still energised from summer and before winter takes hold, make some time to get your finances into better shape.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Write down your short, medium and long term financial goals
  2. Review your investments to ensure your asset mix is in line with your goals and risk tolerance
  3. Make sure you are taking full advantage of benefits provided by your employer – ask about maximising super contributions via salary sacrifice
  4. Search for any lost super: you might receive a welcome boost to your account balance
  5. Check your insurance, including any cover you have with VISSF, to ensure it still meets your circumstances
  6. Find out if your binding death nomination is still valid. By law it needs to be updated or confirmed every three years
  7. Each financial year brings fresh windows of opportunity, so think about actions you can take before 30 June – for example, tax concessions, tax advantaged super contributions and Government super co- contributions
  8. Reduce your debt and borrowing costs. Consider making extra loan repayments and explore potential interest savings by refinancing or restructuring debt
  9. Be prepared for the unexpected – establish and maintain an emergency fund
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