VISSF investment performance shines


There are hundreds of super funds in Australia, so it’s reassuring to see VISSF continues to produce strong, long-term investment returns relative to peers. The Selecting Super Performance Tables prepared by Rainmaker Information rank the top workplace super and retirement products for each investment category – take a look at how we compare:

VISSF Super to 30 June 2014
(Workplace super)

Balanced option – ranked 2nd over 5 years in the Balanced & MySuper/ Default categories.
All Growth option – ranked 3rd over 5 years in the Growth category.
Conservative option – ranked 4th over 7 years in the Capital Stable category.

VISSF Pension to 30 June 2014 (Retirement products)

Balanced option – ranked 1st over 5 years and 10 years in the Default category and ranked 1st over 5 years and 2nd over
10 years in the Balanced category.
All Growth option – ranked 4th over 5 years in the Growth category.
Conservative option – ranked 1st over 7 years in the Capital Stable category.

Remember that past earnings are no indication of future earnings. There is no guarantee of the performance of any of VISSF’s investment options and your account balance may rise or fall with movements in investment markets.

Information Source: Selecting Super - Performance Tables

This article was taken from the Spring 2014 edition of VISSF Super Views:
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Image Source: Ken Teegardin via Creative Commons

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