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Congratulations Trish!

Lifelong VISSF member Trish was stunned to hear that she was drawn as the winner of a $2,000 super contribution, just for trying her new interactive member statement. We spoke to Trish to hear how she felt after winning and her personal experience of being a VISSF member.

Trish has been a VISSF member for many years. Her teaching career and VISSF membership began back in 1988 when she started teaching at Ruyton Girls’ School in Kew, Melbourne -  a school she attended as a child and the school her children would later attend. At the time, it was early days for superannuation in Australia. It wasn’t compulsory for everyone and it certainly wasn’t the universal scheme it is today. Having spent quite a few years years raising children, the concept of super was a new one to Trish. But after learning that a VISSF membership would allow her to accumulate savings to provide an income stream in retirement, she happily signed on the dotted line and became a member. 

Over the years, Trish has witnessed a number of changes at VISSF. The transition from paper-based statements to digital has been particularly valuable for Trish. Not only does the new statement provide her with an at-a-glance dashboard of her super savings, it also allows her to take relevant actions on every page, whether it be checking her risk profile, switching up her investment options, planning her financial future with the projection simulator or requesting a complimentary advice appointment. She has well and truly memorised her VISSF member number and regularly checks in to her Member Online account to keep tabs on everything. As a self-confessed technophobe her only advice to other members who haven’t yet tried the online statement is, ‘If I can use the online member statement, anyone can!’.

With a long and fulfilling teaching career behind her, Trish is now retired. She lives in sunny Queensland where she and her husband are spending time on hobbies they never had time to do in their working years. Namely, lawn bowls -  a sport her entire family is passionate about. In fact, her daughter has won two Australian Opens and currently plays lawn bowls for Queensland. Trish and her husband are now evaluating their next steps on this retirement journey and look forward to all that is ahead of them.

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