The prize that keeps on giving


"When I first heard I’d won I was really surprised. it was a good way to start a Tuesday morning!” recalls Alexandra Ritchie of her reaction to being told she had won the latest VISSF competition. 

In fact, Alexandra had just found out she was the lucky winner of a $2,000 super injection for finding and combining her super with our new super consolidator tool. As a bonus, the power of compound interest will help the $2,000 grow into a much higher figure by the time she retires.

For Alexandra, or Ally as she is known by friends, it felt like a double win. While she is at the beginning of her career, she had managed to accrue three separate accounts in three different super funds. Consolidating them had been on her to-do list for a while.

It all began when Ally started her first job out of high school, as a basketball coach. VISSF was her employer's default fund, so after a little research, she happily opened her first super account with VISSF. Like many VISSF members, continuing a career in education was important and it wasn’t long before she applied to University to begin a teaching degree. Today, Ally is a qualified teacher who spends her days at Canterbury Girls teaching secondary English and Drama, a role she finds highly rewarding.

But to get where she is today, she worked for a number of employers. It's a familiar story - each new job had resulted in a new super fund account being opened. Ally knew that several accounts meant paying multiple sets of fees which were slowly eating away her super savings. She was determined to consolidate her accounts. 

Before we introduced our online super consolidator tool, combining accounts meant filling out and sending back rollover forms. 

"I called up VISSF and got a bunch of forms sent out. I completed them all but I never got around to sending them in! It was getting ridiculous.”

So, when Ally heard about the consolidator tool, she seized the chance to combine her accounts once and for all. 

“I went online and it took just a few minutes, even with three accounts to combine,” she tells. Problem solved.

Later, when she learned of the competition, she knew she was in with a chance to win.

Ally selected to consolidate her three accounts into VISSF for a number of reasons.

“Whenever I call the client services team, they're very helpful. I always get my questions answered,” she says.

She’s also a fan of our communications - she doesn’t get bombarded with emails and finds they contain useful information to help her better manage her investment.

“I like to check in on my super. My parents are preparing to retire so my dad, in particular, has been making sure I am on top of my super. Now, it’s me telling my friends ‘You need to know how to take care of your super!’ Seeing my parents get ready for retirement, I know how important our savings are”.

A fan of using Member Online, Ally is also planning to download the VISSF app to monitor her account on-the-go.

If, like Ally, you have multiple super accounts, take a few minutes and use our super consolidation tool to combine your accounts into VISSF. The competition is over, but at least you will have saved on paying multiple fees and you can take it off your own to-do list.

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