Is it time to insure your biggest asset?


Just like Dr. Seuss, at VISSF we believe You matter. And the people you spend time with - your family and friends, they all know how valuable You are too. When we talk about value, we’re not referring to material possessions like houses and cars. After all, we tend to insure these assets as standard. We’re talking about your most valuable asset - You.

Yet many of us don’t think about protecting ourselves, and should the unthinkable happen, how this could impact our loved ones. This is why life insurance is so important. It helps secure your family’s financial future, no matter what happens.

When it comes to insurance, what’s valuable to you today, could be less valuable tomorrow. To help you get to the heart of what’s important right now, we’ve sorted your range of insurance options into life stages, so you can choose the best for you.

If you’re young and single

Income Protection Insurance - Don’t let life’s unexpected surprises derail your plans should you fall sick, or become injured.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance - will give you options to help you live a better quality of life if you become permanently disabled and can’t work.

If you are a growing family

Life Insurance - Protect your family’s future and give them options if you are no longer around.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance - Give your family a safety net in case you are permanently disabled and can no longer work.

Income Protection Insurance - Protect everything you and your partner are working towards if you have an injury or illness and can’t work.

If you’re buying a home

Income Protection Insurance - Help pay your mortgage and living expenses during recovery from serious illness or injuries.

Life Insurance - Don’t leave your loved ones in the lurch by ensuring they remain financially strong in your absence.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance - If you are permanently disabled and can’t work, you can continue to protect your family financially.

If you’re building your career

Total Permanent Disability Insurance - Give yourself financial stability, and breathing space if you are permanently disabled and can’t work.

Income Protection Insurance – Continue receiving an income if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Insuring yourself through super

Now you know your options, you can visit to manage things online. There you can use our insurance tools to increase, reduce, transfer or cancel your cover. You can even work out your cover needs and get a premium estimate using our interactive calculator. Or call the VISSF Client Services Team on 1300 660 027 weekdays.

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