Introducing Pension Join Online for staff


Building a bridge between your super and pension

As your employees start to think more about retirement, they’ll also be considering their income options. That’s where Pension Join Online can help bridge the gap between their super and retirement phases.

Pension Join Online not only does away with time-consuming paperwork. It also means the same team that manages your employee's super, manages their retirement income too.

More control over your pension

With Pension Join Online, members can start an Account Based Pension or a Transition to Retirement (TTR) pension – both of which have their own unique benefits.

A flexible Account Based Pension gives them regular income along with key tax benefits. If they’re ready to retire and aged over 60, an Account Based Pension can work for them by allowing lump-sum withdrawals and tax-free payments.

A TTR pension gives staff access to their super while they’re still working. It also enables them to either reduce thier work hours or start making (or increasing) salary sacrifice contributions. So, if they are 55 and over and working part time, they can supplement their income with regular pension payments.

From 1 July 2017, investment earnings in a TTR pension account will be taxed at 15% (which is generally in line with super) rather than being tax-free. Despite this loss of tax free earnings, a TTR strategy can still deliver substantial tax benefits and serves as a great way to achieve a target level of income.

Getting started with Pension Join Online

Members must choose the pension that best suits their needs, then nominate their pension amounts and payment frequency. We’ll help consolidate any other super they have and give them a choice of investment options. They can also choose how often they’d like updates, then kick back, relax and enjoy their road to retirement.

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