Flexible benefits for members 55+


If you’re in your fifties, now’s the time to explore the benefits of easing into retirement with a VISSF pension. Even if you’re still working, transferring some of your accumulated super across to a pension account could provide several advantages.

Steve's Story

Steve transferred some of his super into an account-based pension and is receiving regular payments while he’s still working. These pension payments boost his income, allowing him to salary sacrifice more into superannuation. The diagram shows his arrangement. Even though he’s drawing on his pension account, because of the tax advantages of his salary sacrifice arrangement, Steve is accelerating his savings and is on track to end up with more in super as a result.

Sherry's Story

Sherry is enjoying the best of both worlds, thanks to her VISSF pension account. She has cut back her work hours so she can have two days off each week to pursue her own interests. Although she has reduced her salary, Sherry hasn’t had to compromise her income much, supplementing it with her super pension.

Pension Benefits

• There is no tax paid on investment earnings in a pension account
• By salary sacrificing your income, you swap your marginal tax rate for a 15% contributions tax
• Favourable in respect of Centrelink benefits, given a portion is usually excluded for income test purposes
• Flexible income with members able to choose how much they draw down, within Government limits

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For details and conditions please see the Account Based Pension Members PDS via vissf.com.au/forms-you-need page.

This article was taken from the Spring 2014 edition of VISSF Super Views:
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Image Source: J. B. Hill via Creative Commons

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