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Am I eligible to join VISSF?

If you work in the education sector and your employer is registered with VISSF, you can join online.

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If your employer isn't registered, that's fine too. They will just need to complete our Deed of Adherence form.

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Why join VISSF?

You will enjoy many benefits, such as:

A strong performer

Low fees, reliable long term performance and flexible investment options.

Financial advice

Over the phone financial advice when you need it, free of charge.

24/7 super access

The convenience of managing your account online or through our app.

Affordable insurance

Cost-effective insurance cover options and tools for peace of mind.

Super education

Invitations to educational webinars and resources to help better manage your super.

Mental wellbeing

Access to MyHeadlight, an online tool to help manage mental health blind spots.

Looking for forms and guides?

You can open your account online straight away. But if you're curious in nature, then you'll want to read the fine print. Access all the important guides and forms here.

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