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We give you the freedom to control how your money is invested

You have investment choice

The way you choose to invest your super savings is important. Not only will you want to earn a good return on your money while you’re making contributions, but also into retirement when your super savings need to work even harder. Our members can select, switch and combine their investment options to suit their changing circumstances and appetite for risk.

Understanding your risk profile

Choosing how to invest your super is a personal decision that comes down to your financial situation, time horizon and appetite for taking risks. No investment is completely risk-free, but some bring more risk than others. Generally, the higher the expected return, the greater the risk.

If you’re early in your career, placing your money in an investment option that is exposed to growth assets could be a great way to maximise your super’s potential. The closer you get to retirement, the less time you’ll have to ride out the market fluctuations. If that’s the case, you may want to consider a lower risk investment strategy to better protect your money.

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What happens if I don't make a choice?

When you join, if you don't make a choice or your choice is unclear, your super is invested in our Balanced option. Your account will remain in this option until you change your investment option or mix of investment options.

How do I change my investment options?

From time to time, you may choose to switch your investments, particularly if your circumstances or investment timeframe changes. To change your current investment mix, simply log in to your Member OnlineOpens in new window account. We process these changes weekly.

If you need any help choosing your investment options, our advice team can guide you to a suitable strategy.

Does it cost anything to change my options?

You can make two free switches every year, based on the VISSF financial year of 1 February to 31 January. Any additional switch will incur a fee of $30 each.  For more information refer to our latest Product Disclosure StatementOpens in new window (PDS).

Need help making a choice?

Get investment advice and discover the difference you can make to your future super balance.

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