Cash Investment


In the Cash Option, 100% of your super is invested in Australian cash.

Generally an investor in this type of option is likely to be looking to protect the capital value of their super and achieve stable returns. They know long term investment returns are likely to be low compared to other options, but they are seeking to protect their investment from the chance of any negative returns in the short term.


To provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of investment grade cash and cash equivalent securities, providing a total return, after costs and tax, in line with the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index over the short term.

Investment timeframe

The minimum suggested timeframe for holding the investment is short term.

Level of Investment Risk

Risk Band: 1

Risk Label: Very low

Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period: less than 0.5

Important Note: There is no guarantee this option will meet its objective or that the value of your superannuation will not decrease as a result of negative returns.

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Where money is invested

The Cash option invests 100% of your superannuation in Australian cash.

The intended mix of investments is shown below.

Asset mix range

Asset Mix Range

Range %

Australian Enhanced Cash 100
Total Income Assets 100

Chant West Super 2018 Pension 2018

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