In the Conservative Option, 32% of your super is invested in growth assets such as shares and property and approximately 68% in defensive assets such as bonds and cash.

Generally an investor in this type of option is likely to be looking for fairly stable investment returns over the medium to long term. They know long term investment returns are likely to be lower than the higher risk options of All Growth and Balanced, but they also know there is less chance of reducing the value of their benefit in the short term.


To achieve, on a rolling three year basis, a rate of return in excess of the median of our relevant peers, as measured by the relevant Conservative Growth Performance Universe and to maximise the after tax rate of return above inflation, as measured by CPI, over rolling three year periods subject to the following constraints:

  • Expecting to earn a positive rate of return over most 12 month periods; and
  • Maintaining sufficient liquidity to enable the Fund to meet its commitments.

Based on past performance of investment markets, in the long term, the Conservative option aims to achieve:

  • Over rolling three year periods, a rate of return after tax and fees, in excess of CPI + 1.5%.

Investment timeframe

The minimum suggested timeframe for holding the investment is 3 years.

Level of Investment Risk

Risk Band: 4

Risk Label: Medium

Estimated number of negative annual returns over any 20 year period: 2 to less than 3

Important Note: There is no guarantee this option will meet its objective or that the value of your account will not decrease as a result of negative returns.

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Where money is invested

The Conservative option aims to hold 32% in shares and 68% in income assets such as bonds and cash. The intended mix of investments are shown below. From time to time, the Trustee may adjust the mix within the ranges shown as investment conditions change.

Asset mix range

Asset Mix Range

Range %

Equity - Australia 12 - 16
Equity - International 16 - 20
Total Growth Assets 30 - 34
Fixed Income - Australia 21 - 25
Fixed Income - International 16 - 20
Cash - Australia 25 - 29
Total Income Assets 66 - 70

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