Consolidating Super

Get organised and reduce fund fees and paper work

Many Australians have super funds from previous employers in a number of accounts. If you do, you could be paying unnecessary fees and insurance premiums. Combining these fees into one fund means you can easily track, manage and review your fund investment at a glance. Learn how to consolidate your super below.

Consolidate your super today

To consolidate your super, you can transfer your benefits to VISSF from another superannuation fund at any time. At the same time you can transfer any insurance you have and obtain the same amount of cover with our insurer without having to produce evidence of health. Any super amounts transferred are credited to your Member Account in the same manner as contributions.

VISSF does not charge an entry fee if you transfer a benefit from another fund. If you would like VISSF to help you transfer a benefit from another fund, simply follow these five easy steps:

1. Plan it out

Get a handle on where your super is currently held and where you want it to go. While this may take a little effort at first, the long-term rewards will make your hard work well worth it. After all, it's your hard earned money and future at stake.

2. Collect latest statements from previous funds

If you are unable to find previous statements, you can contact your previous employer to find out where your super was invested. If you still can't find your fund, it may be classified as 'lost'. You're not alone, currently 1 in 2 Australians have 'lost' super totalling more than 17 billion dollars. Visit the Finding Lost Super page for more details on how to locate your lost superannuation.

3. Check with previous funds

Before deciding to transfer a benefit from another fund, you should enquire with your previous fund whether any fees or penalties will apply. You should also ascertain what effect, if any, the transfer will have on any insurance cover you may have in your previous fund. If you have insurance cover and want to transfer it to VISSF you can.

Call our Client Services Team for more information.

4. Complete the transfer using Member Online

If you haven't already, register for Member Online so you can arrange your transfer electronically. It takes less than a minute and your password is emailed to you instantly - then you can log in to consolidate your super online in a few quick steps.

In as little as three days, your entire super will be working for you in the one super fund. You will have successfully consolidated your super. Well done.

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