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Caring like a small fund, delivering like a big one

Are you looking for a super fund that thinks big, acts small, and pulls no punches when it comes to making the hard decisions on behalf of its members? At VISSF, we anticipate the needs of the education community, act independently and concentrate our energy on fighting for our members’ futures.

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Everything at your fingertips

Access your super 24/7 with Member Online or via our mobile app for smartphones. Now you'll never lose track of your progress.

Easy super management

Easy super management

You can quickly and easily find and combine your super online, or call our friendly Client Services Team for help over the phone.

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A strong performer

With low fees, consistently strong performance and flexible investment options, our focus is on delivering results to every member.

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Financial advice for members

Whether you need the answer to a simple super question, or need to prepare a tailored financial plan, we can help.

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Education for educators

Regular educational seminars, videos and webinars targeted to help boost your super balance and prepare for life after work.

Members are humans, not numbers

Members are humans

Since 1958 we've been providing a personalised service to all members. Our members are people, not numbers.

Spirit & Story

If anything’s worth doing, it’s worth fighting for. Especially if it has the potential to change lives.

VISSF was born from this philosophy.

Back in 1958 a group of female teachers at independent girls’ schools in Victoria realised they would not have a sufficient income stream in retirement. To secure a better future for all, they knew they would have to act.

So they fought. They fought for their right to a safe and secure future. They fought for all women who needed an option that wasn’t their husband’s bank account. And they became pioneers in a movement that would see superannuation become a compulsory right for all Australian workers, regardless of gender.

The spirit that founded VISSF is now the reason we continue.

Today, we fight to ensure we never lose our personal touch. We fight for accountability and reliability. We fight to work smarter. And we always fight to think big, act small, and pull no punches when it comes to making the right decisions on behalf of our members.

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If you work in the education sector and your employer is registered with VISSF, click the Join Now button.

If your employer is not registered, that’s no problem at all. All they need to do is complete our Deed of Adherence form which can be found below.

If your spouse or other family member has a VISSF super account, you too can join.

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Meet our winner


Lifelong VISSF member Trish was stunned to find out she was drawn as the winner of a $2,000 super contribution, just for trying the new interactive member statement. We spoke to Trish to hear how she felt after winning and her personal experience of being a VISSF member. Read More

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