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Linking your people with super advice


It doesn’t matter whether your employee's retirement is a mere thought or an action plan, we have tailored advice to assist VISSF members on their financial journey. Discover how we help our members. Read More

Minimum pension limits


Legislation provides that members who are in receipt of an account based pension must receive a minimum payment amount each year. Find out how much you should be getting in our Minimum Pension Limits article and downloadable fact sheet.
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Ready to Retire Seminar


Our upcoming seminar Ready to Retire is fast approaching. Invite your employees and get the ball rolling, so they can learn strategies to make retiring ready a reality. Read More

Salary sacrifice vs. after-tax contributions


Deciding how to make contributions to super can be difficult. Read our article and download our Fact Sheet PDF to examine the benefits and limitations of salary sacrifice versus after-tax contributions to help you determine the best option for you. Read More

Spouse contribution splitting


Find out how you can transfer some of your super contributions to an account for your spouse, which may save tax or allow you to access your super earlier. Read our article and download our PDF fact sheet.
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Super Booster Day


VISSF is proud to be supporting Super Booster Day, 15th September 2016. Join thousands of Australian’s who are committing to making a difference to their future. Read More

Super Co-contribution


Making voluntary contributions to your super could boost your balance in more ways than one. You could qualify for a bonus top up from the Government. Read More

We have a Brexit vote. So what happens next?


Earlier today, the results of the UK referendum on European Union membership were announced: the UK will leave the EU. This historic moment brings to an end the referendum process, but heralds a new chapter of uncertainty for the UK and the EU. Read More

What do the super reforms mean for your employees?


With all the excitement of the federal election behind us, it’s time to start looking towards the future. Whether it’s one, five or 50 years from now... Read More

When can you access your super?


Superannuation is designed to fund your retirement, so there are restrictions surrounding when and how you may access it. Read our article and download our fact sheet for all the information.
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Chant West Super 2018 Pension 2018

My Super News

Pension Results - 2019


The financial year to 30 June 2019 was a challenging and volatile period for investors against the backdrop of trade war tension and slowing global growth. Read More

Retirement Sweet Spot


As the last day of work approaches, it’s important to activate your plan for financial independence. Will you start by easing into retirement as you reduce time spent working? Or will you dive into total retirement? No matter what you decide, we can help you select a pension that makes the most of your savings. After all, even when retired, you still need your money to be working for you. Read More

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