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Exclusive presentation for employees


At VISSF we are pleased to announce our latest complimentary presentation for all VISSF members and their guests. We invite you to share this event with your employees and come along to learn about the impacts of today's complex economic climate. Read More

Help your employees boost their super


VISSF is proud to be supporting ASFA's initiative Super Booster Day, 15 September 2016. Share this initiative with your members, so they can join thousands of Australian’s who are committing to making a difference to their future. Read More

Important! Women and super seminar


Please encourage your employees to attend our upcoming Women & Super Seminar,
designed to help women reduce the gender imbalance in super savings. Read More

Introducing Pension Join Online for staff


As your employees start to wind down from work and think more about retirement, they'll also be considering their income options. That’s where Pension Join Online can help bridge the gap between their super and retirement phases. Read More

Linking your people with super advice


It doesn’t matter whether your employee's retirement is a mere thought or an action plan, we have tailored advice to assist VISSF members on their financial journey. Discover how we help our members. Read More

Minimum pension limits


Legislation provides that members who are in receipt of an account based pension must receive a minimum payment amount each year. Find out how much you should be getting in our Minimum Pension Limits article and downloadable fact sheet.
Read More

Ready to Retire Seminar


Our upcoming seminar Ready to Retire is fast approaching. Invite your employees and get the ball rolling, so they can learn strategies to make retiring ready a reality. Read More

Salary sacrifice vs. after-tax contributions


Deciding how to make contributions to super can be difficult. Read our article and download our Fact Sheet PDF to examine the benefits and limitations of salary sacrifice versus after-tax contributions to help you determine the best option for you. Read More

Spouse contribution splitting


Find out how you can transfer some of your super contributions to an account for your spouse, which may save tax or allow you to access your super earlier. Read our article and download our PDF fact sheet.
Read More

Super Booster Day


VISSF is proud to be supporting Super Booster Day, 15th September 2016. Join thousands of Australian’s who are committing to making a difference to their future. Read More

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My Super News

A focus on accumulation performance


On the back of volatile markets and heightened geopolitical risks, the year ending 31 January 2019 was challenging for investment returns. Read More

Is it time to insure your biggest asset?


Just like Dr. Seuss, at VISSF we believe You matter. And the people you spend time with - your family and friends, they all know how valuable You are too. Read More

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