VISSF and Aware Super merger frequently asked questions



Learn more about the potential merger between the Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund (VISSF) and Aware Super.

What has been announced?Collapsed
Why are you considering a merger?Collapsed
When will this merger happen?Collapsed
What are the benefits for members of a merger?Collapsed
Do I need to do anything?Collapsed
Why are there so many mergers happening?Collapsed
What is a non- binding Memorandum of Understanding?Collapsed
Is this a takeover?Collapsed
Why Aware Super?Collapsed
What will happen to my super balance, insurance cover and investments?Collapsed
Who will I be able to speak to about my super account and other related Issues?Collapsed
What will happen to VISSF's brandCollapsed
Is it still business as usual?Collapsed
What is the timeline?Collapsed

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