VISSF & Aware Super merger announcement frequently asked questions



After more than 60 years taking care of super and retirement savings for people working in the education industry, VISSF has agreed to merge with Aware Super.

What is being announced?Collapsed
Who is Aware Super?Collapsed
Why is VISSF merging?Collapsed
Why choose Aware Super?Collapsed
Does VISSF have to merge?Collapsed
Why merge now?Collapsed
Is this a takeover?Collapsed
Why are we seeing so many mergers?Collapsed
Is it possible this merger won’t go ahead?Collapsed
Does this mean the funds are now merged?Collapsed
What do VISSF and Aware Super have in common?Collapsed
How will members benefit?Collapsed
How will employers benefit?Collapsed
What will happen to the VISSF board?Collapsed
What will happen to the VISSF brand?Collapsed
What is the timeline?Collapsed
How much will this merger cost?Collapsed
Is it still business as usual?Collapsed

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