How to be a super survivor



We need to talk about your super savings. Generally speaking, women retire with super balances nudging close to half that of men.1 This is largely due to the gender pay gap and women taking on the lion’s share of child rearing and caregiving.2 Together, these factors reduce the amount of super women can put away over their lifetimes.

The global pandemic has added new challenges. For some women, the early release of super provision - the option to draw down up to $20,000 on your super savings - is a necessary reality. But withdrawing this money may further chip away at their already lower balances.

So, what can we do to combat these challenges? There are plenty of super hacks you can use to help even the score.

Deposit a little extra

Give your super a cash injection3

Boost your super without taking too much of a hit to your hip pocket by making extra contributions - either before or after tax. You can take the salary sacrifice route and use some of your pre-tax salary to make regular payments to super. This can be a tax effective option as you pay less tax on these contributions without substantially reducing your take home pay.

Or opt for an after-tax super contribution by depositing your own money into your super. As a bonus, if you make an after-tax contribution into your super, you may get an extra boost from the Government co-contribution payment.

Your loved one can boost your super

If you are non-working or low-income, your spouse can add money into your super account on your behalf. They may even be able to claim a tax offset of up to $540.

Get a low income super tax offset

For members on lower incomes, the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset (LISTO) can help boost your super savings. If your total income is less than $37,000 the Government will use the information collected from your fund and employer to automatically provide a super payment of up to $500 per financial year.

Invest your small change

Get rewards for things you already do

There are a few shop and save programs available that may add to your super balance whenever you spend. One example is Super Rewards4, an online shopping platform where retailers pay cash rewards into your super account every time you shop with them. A few cents here and a dollar there can really add up. Find out more at and always read the fineprint before signing up.

Creative ways to close the gap

Sell your unwanted stuff

Spring cleaning isn't just for Marie Kondo fans, it’s good for your super balance too. Turn your unwanted clutter into someone else’s treasure by selling your old stuff online and squirreling the profits into your super fund.

Put an unexpected windfall to work

If you’re fortunate enough to have received an inheritance or bonus, consider topping up your super with a small portion of this money as well.

The takeaway here is that relying on employers to make super contributions isn't your only option. There are plenty of small things you can do today to maintain, nurture and protect your financial wealth for tomorrow. You just have to get started.

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3 Subject to the relevant contribution cap limits for 2020/21

4 VISSF is not associated with the Super Rewards program. This information provided is general in nature and members are encouraged to do their own investigation before signing up.

Find & combine

Consolidating your super into one account makes your money work harder because you save on paying multiple sets of fees.

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