Insurance to prepare you for all of life’s twists and turns



Many of you already have built-in insurance with us. But here’s why you should regularly check your cover and how it’s easier than you think.

Everyone anticipates living a long, productive and healthy life. In an ideal world, everyone would. But life doesn’t always go to plan. Things can happen in an instant that may cause us to reassess everything. At these times, life insurance is there to protect you and your loved ones financially.

Automatic levels of cover are usually held within your VISSF account. But what could be right for one person, isn’t necessarily suited to someone else. Basic cover may be fine for a young, single person. For someone with a partner, children and a mortgage, it can be a different story.

We suggest regularly reviewing your insurance cover, particularly if circumstances have changed. After all, you don’t want to be overpaying for cover you don’t need, nor do you want to find yourself underinsured.

For financial security during life’s various challenging events, we have a suite of flexible insurance products that can be increased or decreased to match your circumstances.

Death cover

A sudden death or terminal illness can place financial stress on those who depend on you. If this happens, death cover pays a lump sum or income stream to your beneficiaries to help them with bills and other living expenses.

Total & Permanent Disablement Cover(TPD)

For financial security in a time of uncertainty, TPD provides a lump sum payment if you become seriously disabled and are unlikely to work again.

Income Protection

This type of cover provides you with an income for a specified period if you can’t work due to temporary disability or illness.

Is your insurance good to go?

Managing your cover is simpler than you think. You can use our interactive calculator to determine your cover needs and get a premium estimate. Or increase, reduce or cancel your cover with our handy online form. Click here to get started or call us on 1300 660 027 weekdays.

There’s a lot going for VISSF insurance

Minimal Health Checks

We often automatically accept members for insurance cover without requiring a health check.

Affordable Coverage

Because we purchase insurance policies in bulk, members enjoy considerable savings on premiums.

Tax Effective Outcomes

Premiums are paid from your super account, where contributions are taxed at 15% - much lower than your income, which can be taxed up to 47%.

Find & combine

Consolidating your super into one account makes your money work harder because you save on paying multiple sets of fees.

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