A guide to navigating your pension online



When it comes to preparing for retirement, a little bit of help can go a long way. Even the seemingly small things like switching from a super account to a pension, and managing those accounts - it’s all new terrain to explore and conquer. To help out, we’ve put together the most common questions we get asked and paired them with practical actions you can take.

What is an Account Based Pension (ABP)?

Account based pensions are a popular choice for retirees because they can provide a flexible, tax effective income stream and are a powerful financial strategy to use once you retire. Reasons people choose this type of pension include: - Regular income where you choose the payment frequency - Investment options can be changed as you need - No tax paid on investment earnings - Money you drawn down is tax free after aged 60 - Unlimited access to your capital - Easy way to manage your retirement income

What is a Transition to Retirement (TTR) income stream?

A TTR income stream is a type of pension that allows you to remain in the workforce while dipping into your super benefits to supplement your income. This means you can either give your salary a little boost as you continue full-time work, reduce your work hours without sacrificing your income or you can grow your super while taking advantage of a lower tax rate.

How do I start?

For VISSF members, switching from super to pension is simple. When you have reached your preservation age, a new pension tab will automatically appear within your Member Online dashboard. Simply log in and click on the Pension tab. From here, you will be asked a series of questions that will help navigate you through the join online process. Easy.

Manage your pension online

Once your pension account is set up, you can use Member Online or download the VISSF mobile app to manage things. From reviewing beneficiaries, making withdrawals, adjusting your payment frequency or amount, switching your investment options, you will have total control 24/7.

Why should I start a VISSF pension?

At VISSF we put our members first. Alongside our low fees, we work hard to generate strong returns so every member can enjoy their best possible retirement.

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Our Pension has been awarded a 4 Apples rating from Chant West, placing us amongst the top pension funds in Australia. We are proud of this rating. Not only does it reflect our efforts to deliver strong returns, it is also a nod to the valuable services we offer members. We’ve been here throughout your working life, now our team would like to navigate you through your hard earned retirement.

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Consolidating your super into one account makes your money work harder because you save on paying multiple sets of fees.

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