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Our new online insurance tools will help you find cover to protect in any weather

Here at VISSF, we’ve made changes to the way you can access and manage your insurance cover. Why? Because we believe every member should have access to resources that support them in making informed decisions when it comes to insuring themselves and their loved ones.

As a member, you more than likely have default cover for death, total and permanent disablement and income protection. And as we purchase insurance policies in bulk, you receive group discounts, offering considerable savings on premiums.

Default cover is a good start, but it’s often not enough to maintain a comfortable standard of living should the unexpected happen. While it’s up to you, we suggest reviewing and adjusting your insurance cover to ensure it caters for your current situation. Our new online resources can guide you in finding the ideal cover to match your needs.

Determine your cover needs

Discover the cover that is right for you with our interactive calculator. In a few clicks, you’ll uncover the amount of insurance needed to satisfy your current state of affairs, along with an affordable premium estimate.

Request extra cover in a jiffy

Now you know your ideal level of cover and have an estimate of how much it will cost, you can request any extra cover you need online. Completely secure, we will send you a unique link, granting you access to Insurance Online where you can submit your application and track its progress.

Make a claim online

Get your insurance claim sorted quickly using our easy online claim page. Have your details on hand, use our search tool to find the right claim form and complete the entire process in a matter of minutes.

Take care of things today

Now that we’ve made it easy to manage, it’s your turn to check you have adequate insurance cover to protect your family in the future. Visit our insurance page to explore our new online tools.

You can also call the VISSF Client Services Team on 1300 660 027 during normal business hours to discuss your insurance options.

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